Client Project: Teachermate


Timeline: 2-week sprint

Team: 3 designers

My Role: User Researcher, Designer and Facilitator (for the design studio)

For the final project on the General Assembly UX Design Immersive course, we worked with our client to create a responsive web design for Teachermate.

Using the double-diamond process, we worked collaboratively throughout this project. My particular role was specialising in the design phase, drawing on my skills in this area.

The Brief

Written brief and our first client meeting

Teachermate is a digital product used by childcare professionals to track children’s progress and development. …

A concept group project for MapMyFitness

Picture: Jonathon Borba/Unsplash


Timeline: 2-week sprint

Team: 4 designers

For the first group project on the General Assembly UX Immersive course, I was in a team with three classmates. We used the double diamond process moving through four stages: Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver.

Visual design concept project in a 4-day sprint.

Photo: Jason Briscoe/Unsplash (this picture encapsulates the colour palette for this project)


I redesigned two pages of a charities responsive website during the second visual design project on the General Assembly UX Immersive course. I completed this project in a four-day sprint.

The Brief

  • Choose a charity (from a list of 5)
  • Reskin and rebrand the homepage and one other page (for mobile, tablet and desktop)
  • Use the mobile-first approach

The charity I chose was The Emily Harris Foundation. This is a foundation that supports a neonatal care unit, but also its staff and the families whose children are being cared for there. After researching the…

A 4-Day visual design challenge for a concept community gardening app.

Picture: Zoe Schaeffer/Unsplash


This was my first visual design project on the General Assembly UX Immersive course, and I completed it during a 4-day sprint.

To design the UI for these four screens:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Navigation
  3. Content page
  4. User profile


Brand values and identity

The first stage of this project was to define the brand image. So, I began by picking the brand values. Then, by using a range of brainstorming techniques, such as brand positioning and personality traits, I decided on five keywords that would define the app:

  • Simple
  • Community
  • Caring
  • Natural

A conceptual UX project, where I worked on a brief for the first time.


Timeline: 2-week sprint

Team: Solo, with group activities

For the second UX project on the General Assembly UX Immersive course, I designed an e-commerce website. This was a conceptual brief for a made-up company called The Little Worlds Toy Shop (LW). I was in a group with four other classmates who also had the same brief. We worked as a team during the research phase and shared our findings and insights. The rest of the project I did solo.

Mia found planning mealtimes to be unnecessarily time-consuming. In this concept project, I created a meal planning app that made cooking fun again.

Photo: Brooke Lark/Unsplash


As the initial UX project on the General Assembly UX Immersive course, we were tasked with designing a mobile app during a 4-day sprint.

Mix it Up was created to solve the problem of my user, Mia. In this case study, I will take you on a journey through the four stages of my design process and how I came to finding a solution.

Phase 1: Discover

Exploring Mia’s habits and pain points

I started by having a chat with Mia to establish what direction I should take for the app. She moved to Doha at the beginning of lockdown with her husband…

Eleanor Woodger

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